Windows 7 feature request list leaks out

Although the Vista transition is far from complete, that doesn't mean Microsoft isn't already hard at work on Windows 7, the next version of the venerable operating system -- and this list of user-requested features unearthed by the folks at NeoWin might hold some clues as to the future. The "wish list" was sent out by Microsoft before Windows 7 development even began, so most of these features probably aren't even on the radar, but what's most interesting is that seemingly small fixes like "Window Update progress indicator" vastly outnumber big-ticket items like "integrated audio / video codec manager" and "Windows 'Game' Mode." We'd say that speaks to a major lack of imagination, so consider this a years-early How Would You Change?, and sound off in comments -- personally, we're hoping for a transactional file system, but we know you all can totally outdo us.

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