Galileo robot sports hybrid treads, tackles most any terrain

We've seen a plethora of robots crawl over all sorts of obstacles without blowing a gasket or anything, but the Galileo prefers to handle rough terrain by simply changing the shape of its treads rather than blowing up anything in its path or finding clever ways to scoot around. Judging by an informative (if not monotonous) video clip of the robot in action, this "hybrid tracked" creature sports a pair of wheels along with flexible treads on each side, and it can reshape the tracks as necessary to achieve the desired grip when meeting stairs, cinder blocks or a wide variety of slumbering animals in the wild. There's also a built-in camera integrated into the oh-so-helpful "tail," which can apply downward pressure in order to give the creation a boost when needed. We've inflated this thing's ego enough -- just click on through to see the Galileo gettin' into (and out of) all sorts of trouble.

[Via SciFiTech]