Samsung rolls out second generation WiMax devices in Korea

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Thomas Ricker
November 13, 2007 11:07 AM
Samsung rolls out second generation WiMax devices in Korea

While Sprint teases us with their beleaguered WiMax offering, Samsung is already shipping product for KT's and SKT's year-old WiBro service in South Korea. In fact, they've already moved onto their second generation of devices available starting today. The list includes the SPH-9200 HSDPA, WiFi, and Mobile WiMax totin' butterfly XP device we've seen before. New, is that pair of SPH-H1300 and SWT-H200K USB Mobile WiMax modems and CDMA SPH-M8200 candybar running Windows Mobile 6 on EV-DO and Mobile WiMax data beneath that biggie touchscreen display. Now please Google, just cut to the chase and acquire Sprint so that we can get a taste of that high-speed mobile data on a homegrown frequency, too. Pretty please, with sugar?
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