LG's 52-inch 52LG71 LCD TV boasts WiFi for HD streaming

Life's just too good to only unveil one new television in a sitting, right LG? Apparently the firm is in total agreement, as it has decided to also shed a little (and we stress little) light on its (similarly designed) forthcoming 52-incher. The 52LG71 LCD TV claims to be the "world's first 1080p LCD with an integrated 802.11 Wireless System," and while we've certainly seen a few sets doin' the WiFi thing before (yes, even an LCD TV), you won't find us kvetching about newfound competition. Interestingly, we're not told what flavor(s) of 802.11 this thing supports, but considering that it can supposedly handle HD streams without a single hiccup, our bets are on 802.11n. Nevertheless, we'll hopefully be finding out the specifics soon enough, but for now, let this serve as motivation to start packing away any extra pennies as you wait for this to grace store shelves.