Mad Catz purrchases Saitek, Joystiq shoots headline author

And good riddance to that guy. We would have gone with a quip about angry Jazz musicians, but the headline's already gone down the RSS tube.

Mad Catz, a name you'll frequently see on third-party console peripherals or sentences ending in "buyer's remorse," has announced its $30 million acquisition of fellow controller constructor, Saitek. The move is seen as part of a "strategic diversification," with Mad Catz gaining access to Saitek's expertise in designing PC peripherals (such as flight sim sticks) as well as a wider distribution network, especially within Europe. It's also expected to open the doors for the purchasing company's foray into PC mice, keyboards, speakers and "electronic chess."

It seems Mad Catz is on a bit of a spending spree this year, having previously checkmated Joytech in September. The pessimists among us are already envisioning a monopoly on third-party peripherals (with construction quality on par with Monopoly's board pieces).