The 10-inch Eee PC, hiding in plain sight?

Rumors of a 10-inch Eee PC continue to fly fast and furious, and as we were trying to piece together the various contradictory statements from Asus and other sources, we happened to notice these pictures from Computex that clearly show an Eee PC model "1001," encased in a slightly larger form factor with -- you guessed it -- a 10-inch screen. Now, all the other rumors we've heard involve stuffing that larger screen into the existing 7-inch 701 form factor, so this could be an entirely different branch of the Eee tree, but it's definitely interesting that Asus hasn't been talking about the 1001 much at all -- you'd think that it would at least rate a passing mention during the hoopla of the Eee launch, but we haven't heard a peep. Check some more pics -- including one of the entire Eee lineup at Computex including the 1001, at the read link.