Are you having Zune problems?

While some sporadic problems with any new device are to be expected, we've had a few reports of problems with the latest Zunes (and the latest Zune software) and thought we'd open thing up and see just how widespread they might be. The most prevalent problem, such as it is, is an issue with the DRM that is apparently preventing folks from downloading songs from the Zune Marketplace, even though it seems to have no such problem taking your MS points. On a related front, ZuneBoards' lpxxfaintxx has posted instructions for downgrading your Zune software and firmware (see below), although it's not clear if that'll do anything to fix the DRM problem. We've also had a report of the Zune 80's hard drive causing some interference over the headphone jack, although that appears to be even more limited. So, any Zune users out there suffering from some similar (or altogether different) problems?

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Read - Zune Boards, "How To: Downgrade Software and Firmware"

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in]