Asus denies plans for 10-inch Eee PC, for now

Well, it looks like German Asus spokesman Holger Schmidt may have jumped the gun slightly when he seemingly confirmed that the company would be shipping a 10-inch Eee PC sometime in 2008, as Asus has now shot back and denied any imminent plans for such a device. It's far from an outright denial, however, with Asus reportedly telling only that, "there are no plans for 10-inch at the moment," and that, "We will have 8G with the same form factor and 7-inch screen size as the Eee PC 4G now." Of course, it's entirely possible (even likely) that "at the moment" doesn't mean all of 2008, although it also seems that the 7-inch Eee PCs will have the spotlight to themselves, at least for a little while.

[Via Reg Hardware]