Caption Contest: World's cutest phone can't place a call

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Caption Contest: World's cutest phone can't place a call

Who cares about CDMA, GSM and endless 4G bickering when you don't have any circuits to worry about? This here super-mini Nokia 5200 model might not turn into a proper sized phone when dunked in water, but with that kind of cute-itude, world peace is within its grasp.

Paul: "Sure it looks great now, but will it still be sexy when Nokia gets a 3G version to the States?"
Darren: "Stuart Little said he's keeping this till the 3G iPhone is announced"
Josh: "Barbie called... she's breaking up with you."
Dante: "Finally a real reason to get your fingers whittled."
Chris: "You dried my pants on high heat? My phone was in there!"
Ryan: *ring* Zoolander: "God? You're a kitten?"
Thomas: "Rat Man, your nemesis is calling."
Ross: "And the next version will have a full PURRTY keyboard."

[Via intomobile]

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