Georgia Tech researchers demonstrate blowable user interface

Although a team from Kent State already whipped up a method for turning one's PC on / off with a simple puff of air, two gurus at Georgia Tech have created a full-blown (ahem) breath-controlled user interface. The low-cost, localized blowable UI -- cleverly dubbed BLUI -- apparently utilizes a built-in microphone along with a C++ application that computes the blowing inputs. Once installed, users can puff on either side of the screen in order to scroll left / right, icons can be selected depending on the fierceness of the puff and games could integrate the technology in to add another level of interactivity. Notably, the duo behind the creation is already investigating how to avoid false positives (i.e. inputs from nature when outside on a blustery day), and while we're not sure how close this stuff is to becoming commercially available (if at all), you can take a look at a videoed demonstration just beyond the break. [Warning: PDF read link]