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Leopard on Eee: A match made in heaven?

Leopard on Eee: A match made in heaven?
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|November 15, 2007 4:20 PM

Inevitable? Yes. Super great? Absolutely. Do we potentially derive too much pleasure from answering our own questions? Quite possibly. Asus has really built itself a PC ripe for the tinkering -- as Dan at UNEASYsilence points out, there's a bootable DVD included to restore the thing to factory settings, so the worst that can happen is you blow a few hours on a bum install. Of course, Leopard wasn't really designed to speed along on this level of horsepower, but the Eee PC still managed to run the OS, and the pre-hacked disk images available on the internets make it fairly straightforward process. Instructions are at the read link.
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