More on Zune 80 delays -- available December 12th?

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More on Zune 80 delays -- available December 12th?

We've got a bit more clarity on the Zune 80 shortages. According to the cats over at Zune Scene, The Zune 80 is 6 weeks behind schedule. That gels with a tip we just received from a supposed Best Buy employee. According to Mr. Tipster, Best Buy's system shows a December 12th in-stock date for the 80GB Zune. True or not, one thing is certain, the current top-o-the-line Zune is not to be found.

Update: As tipster Derrick points out, the December availability matches the "early December" time frame of the 80's availability on the Zune Originals site.

Update 2: Everybody hurry, tipster Ira just placed a single, Zune 80 onto a shelf at a Montana Wal-Mart! Picture after the break.

[Thanks, Daniel C.]
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