Latest Samsung scandal gets hot-button treatment

It's no secret that Samsung and scandal have gone hand-in-hand in the past, but apparently, the latest one has been of particular significance in the firm's homeland. The most recent incident involves Kim Yong-chul, a former top Samsung lawyer, who went public this month with claims that Chairman Lee Kun-hee and other officials "masterminded a campaign to raise slush funds to pay prosecutors, judges and lawmakers and influence a high-profile court case." In response, independent prosecutors were called in to investigate the allegations of "bribery and policy manipulation," and not surprisingly, Samsung has reportedly fired back calling the proclamations "groundless and false." It should be noted that no "substantiating evidence" has been provided thus far, but analysts are already suggesting that these assertions, if proven legitimate, could even play a role in the nation's upcoming presidential election.

[Via BusinessWeek, image courtesy of Forbes]