Submerged camera holds functional memory card two years after accident

After capsizing in the partially frozen waters at Kejimkujik National Park, the Collins family was far too busy being alive to worry over a silly sunken camera. As fate would have it, the ole Canon Powershot that was lost eventually turned up, as a park maintenance worker managed to spot the device sitting aimlessly upon a rock. Granted, the body was in fairly deplorable shape after braving the elements for two solid years, but the memory card tucked within seemed to be relatively unharmed. Upon testing it out, the employee found some 300 pictures taken on the day in which Mr. & Mrs. Collins nearly perished, and apparently, the card was still in tact enough to be read. Eventually, the couple managed to pick up the camera / card and bring home those slightly eerie memories, but no one ever found the loner who snapped up the couple's misplaced cellphone and ran up calls to Zimbabwe 'til the battery died.

[Via FarEastGizmos]