Dell Latitude XT tablet specs leak out

We already knew quite a bit about the Latitude XT multitouch tablet, but it looks like a complete spec sheet just leaked out and now we've got the hard details we crave. The 12.1-inch tablet will rock a 1.2GHz U7600 ultra-low-voltage Core 2 Duo processor, ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics with 256MB of memory, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth and a range of WWAN options, and sport both SD and ExpressCard slots. An integrated media bay can accept either an optional secondary 80GB hard drive or a dual-layer burner, and Dell will preload various versions of Vista and XP Tablet Edition on the unit. Of course, there's still no word on when we might see these, but hopefully it'll be soon.

[Thanks, Jay]