NVIDIA rolls out GeForce 8800M GTX / GTS notebook GPUs

It looks like Alienware's decision to announce its latest laptops today was hardly an arbitrary one, as it just so happens that NVIDIA has also chosen the date to get official with its new GeForce 8800 GTX and GTS laptop GPUs, which the Alienware systems are based on. Described as the "World's Fastest Notebook GPU," the 8800M GTX and GTS are each largely identical, with the notable exception of 96 stream processors in the GTX model, as opposed to 64 in the GTS. Otherwise, you can expect full DirectX 10 support from each, along with NVIDIA's PureVideo HD engine for your HD decoding needs, up to 512MB of dedicated memory, and NVIDIA's trademark "PowerMizer technology," which promises to "intelligently" balance battery life and performance. According to NVIDIA, in addition to Alienware, you can also expect Eurocom, Gateway, and Sager to offer laptops equipped with the GPUs in North America before too long, with a handful of other companies also set to trot out systems in other parts of the world.

[Via Laptoping]