Pioneer's SyncTV YAOTVS (yet another online TV service)

Pioneer just announced their SyncTV on-line television download service. The ad-supported, subscription-based service costs between $2 to $4 per channel per month or $2 for any show you wish to download outside of your subscription -- there's no mention of streaming capability (though it's not excluded, either). While details are soft, downloaded video is said to offer DVD-like, "home-theater quality" with surround-sound capabilities and in some cases, hi-def resolution. They will be PC and Mac compatible wrapped in a Sony, Philips, Samsung, and Panasonic (note: not Microsoft or Apple) supported "Marlin" DRM wrapper. As such, expect to see portable players, television, and set top boxes from at least one of these manufactures sometime early next year in support of the nascent service. A private test begins today with a public beta set to launch in January. Unfortunately, the channels and shows available over SyncTV were not revealed today so we'll just have to wait to see how this develops.
Update: The SyncTV site is now up with more information and beta pre-registration.