Samsung SE-S204S DVD burner cuts out the hard drive

While it won't let you burn DVDs without a PC altogether, Samsung's new SE-S204S DVD burner will at least cut your hard drive out of the equation, with it simply using your PC as a go-between between your still or video camera and your DVD media of choice. That, Samsung says, should "dramatically" cut down on the time it takes to create a DVD, with the usual pre-mastering, multiplexing and hard-disk buffering no longer needed. That speed is further aided by the drive's 20x DVD+R and DVD-R writing, with it's dual-layer writing lagging only slighlty behind at 16x and 12x for DVD+R and DVD-R, respectively. If that's just the time-saving measure you've been looking for, you should be able to pick one of these up now for $160.

[Via Electronista, image courtesy of CDRLabs]