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Everex's $200 gPC back in stock at Wal-Mart

You've watched, you've waited, you've sent lengthy, shameless requests to Santy Claus... and now your dreams have come true. The gPC, Everex's $200, Linux-based, Google-tinged-OS sportin' machine is once again available at your friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. If you'll recall, the desktop PC (known in good company has the TC2502) was quickly snapped up by shoppers hoping to avoid the wallet-burning prices of typical Windows-equipped offerings. The system, sold without a monitor, includes a 1.5GHz VIA processor, 512MB of RAM, a DVD-ROM / CD-RW optical drive, and an 80GB hard drive. Not to outdo themselves with all these exciting, open source vibes, Everex also offers a Vista-endowed version of the system for $298. Both are available now wherever you get your Chinese-made popcorn.