Ladybug-styled robot to clean restrooms, give travel tips

Japan's no stranger to a wide variety of service-oriented robots, and it looks like it could soon become home to yet another mechanical being that does our dirty work. The Lady Bird prototype, which is set to hit production sometime in 2009, would scour the floors of public restrooms and keep things looking clean throughout the day. Reportedly, the bot stands about 1-meter in height and is equipped with amenities such as a water tank, brushes and a few other grime-busting tools to boot. Furthermore, it boasts obstacle detection sensors to avoid patrons while on the clock, and it even includes voice recognition software along with access to current traffic information in case someone has the urge to spark up a conversation. There's no word on what this thing will do should someone try to stuff it in their trunk for at-home use, but if all goes well, the creature is expected to sell for around ¥3.5 million ($31,713) when it goes commercial.

[Via PinkTentacle]