Sakura robot skates around, keeps your princess entertained

Considering that gift-giving time is right around the bend, it's no shock to see companies start cranking out gizmos that will perfectly stuff those lonely stockings. On the docket today is the Sakura robot, which dons a pink outfit, totally hip hairdo and a quasi-futuristic skateboard. Apparently, she can belt out a few jokes, school you with several "fun facts and fashion tips" and play back five different songs. Additionally, her board can be remotely controlled, and if you two build up a certain level of trust, you can record "secrets" within that will only be repeated should you insert the requisite key. Sounds like a total blast, eh? Go on, you know your princess is worth the £49.99 ($103) -- and hey, at least this thing won't teach her how to totally ruin her credit.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]