AGEIA to give UT3 modders a physical with PhysX mod kit

With consoles constantly encroaching on what used to be exclusively PC territory, it's refreshing to know that there are some things, such as mods, that remain the domain of those who prefer keyboard and mouse over thumbsticks. For example, while Epic's Unreal Tournament III will eventually find its way to gamers of both persuasions, it will be PC enthusiasts who enjoy the added benefit of mods, though word is that players will somehow be able to share mods between platforms.

The latest mod tools for the game come from physics moguls AGEIA, who have announced plans to release a mod kit designed around the company's PhysX GPU processor, promising modders "everything they need to easily add PhysX-powered content into the UT3 universe." The kit, which will be available in December, will include additional tools, guides, tutorials and documentation and assets and examples on top of the game's existing mod tools.

In addition, to show that it's serious AGEIA has also released a collection of "Extreme PhysX Mod Levels," which are now available and aim to demonstrate why we should all care about the PhysX processor. This collection includes the LightHouse and Tornado mod levels, the latter of which can be seen in video form here. More levels are promised, and while we can't say that this has driven us to brave the Black Friday crowds to lay down the geld for one of those cards, AGEIA no doubt hopes that players include PhysX cards on their shopping lists this holiday season.