Xbox 360 returned, critical components not included

While we've certainly seen a few items get returned without, shall we say, everything in tact, this example just might take the cake. Details are fairly light, but the long and short of it is that some sly customer managed to return an Xbox 360 and get a full refund, but the most critical components weren't repackaged. Reportedly, the store decided to allow the refund just this once without thoroughly checking the innards, and sure enough, the decision came back to bite 'em. Packed within was a gutted console (stuffed with a used textbook, no less), a bunch of totally random cabling and an official Xbox 360 headset. Needless to say, the store got burned torched, but if the culprit received his / her refund as a credit card charge-back and / or was caught on camera, we've all ideas the retailer will get what it's owed one way or another.

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