Valeswood's Pearl: the hydrogen powered bike

Listen -- we know you want to do your part for the environment, but you don't have to wear jean shorts while doing it. By all means, take a gander at the Valeswood Pearl hydrogen-fueled, power-assisted bicycle, which motors up to 15 MPH and takes you about 80 miles before you need to juice the batteries. When you're finished with all the hard labor of pedaling, the bike folds up neatly and can be tucked away in the trunk of your 9 MPG SUV. If you're the eco-centric cat or kitten that we think you are, you're not going to be too miffed about that $4000 price tag, and we're sure the only kind of short you'll be rocking will be of the organic hemp variety. We wish we could say the same for the chap in the photo.