Christmas Rolly rocks to holiday favorites

Most Americans have yet to get a taste of Sony's Rolly speakerbot, and while we may finally see the little critter, um, roll our way sometime next year according to company prez Stan Glasgow, Japan is already getting its first special edition of the lively MP3 player. Christmas Rolly -- on sale immediately for ¥41,800 ($380) and shipping December 19th -- comes preloaded with Japanese takes on traditional holiday favorites such as Santa Claus is Coming to Town and White Christmas, along with the accompanying pre-programmed "dance moves" -- though frankly we're at a loss as to how a two-wheeled robot gets down to Silent Night. Those folks on a budget who can't live without the special six-pack of tunes will also be able to find them on Sony's Christmas edition of the NW-E013 DAP, on sale next month for only ¥10,980 ($99).

[Via Impress]