ToyTi TV offers kid-friendly wireless streaming

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Donald Melanson
November 27, 2007 2:18 PM
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ToyTi TV offers kid-friendly wireless streaming
Parents looking to keep close control over what their kids are watching and cut a few wires in the process now have a new option to consider in the form of the ToyTi TV, which looks to have just made its debut in Europe. As you can see, the system consists of a transmitter and a display, the former of which can pick up analog or DVB-T TV signals and accommodate your video device of choice, while the latter pumps out the programming whilst your kid marvels at the wonders of wireless technology (or is distracted by the customizable furry cover). As if that wasn't enough, parents can also keep tabs on what their kids are watching using the 2.5-inch LCD on the transmitter. No word on a price, but given the unit's DVB-T dependence, you can bet it won't be making its way over here (at least in its current form).

[Via WatchingTV Online]
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