Motorola's new line of multimedia sets to be named Motorola ZiNE?

Color us fairly skeptical friends, but the word from the web is that Moto's new line of multimedia handsets are going to be dubbed Motorola ZiNE -- yeah, we thought the same. We'd heard rumors that new and wildly unoriginal ideas would be rolling out of the labs and design studios at Motorola in the near future and (fingers crossed) hopefully these'll bring a change of fortune. Apparently the "ZiNE" line will feature a Z10 successor with a big touchscreen, WiFI, and GPS and an 8 megapixel monster with optical zoom purportedly created in conjunction with Kodak. Of course, all of this is fluff and smoke 'til we see the real deal, but know we'll be posting the dodgy and blurry pics if and when we get our hands on 'em.