E-TEN glofiish X650 in the FCC's mix

Like the just-announced glofiish X600 but wanted that certain something extra? You know, that intangible feature that could've set the X600 well apart from the crowd. Okay, here's an idea: how about an FM transmitter? Yep, the X650 goes all Fusic on us by taking the X600's formula, changing the color scheme just a smidge, and adding an FM transmitter for sending its tunes onto whatever radio in the vicinity that's tuned to the right frequency (according to the filed user's manua. Unfortunately, the X650 gains no 3G advantage over its cousin, but we're hearing it might rock a VGA display versus the X600's QVGA -- and if that's the case, screw the FM transmitter, 640 x 480 is the real reason to get this sucker.