Smith and Midway part following BlackSite's 'f*cked up' development

There's only so many times in a week one can make a "so long and thanks for all the fish" joke. GameTap is reporting Harvey Smith has left Midway Austin after making some very public waves in Montreal, calling Blacksite: Area 51's production "f*cked up." Although he took "personal accountability," he also pointed at Midway saying the project went from alpha to final in a "completely reprehensible" fashion.

GameTap says their source confirmed Smith's departure was "by mutual agreement between Harvey and the studio." Smith became creative director at Midway Austin after previously working at the now defunct Ion Storm on Deus Ex. Conspiracy theorists believe Smith made his statements to get fired by Midway so he could try and work on the recently announced Deus Ex 3 at Eidos Montreal. Yeah, the same Eidos implicated in the Kane & Lynch shenanigans. Look at that, we've come full circle. Best 'o luck Mr. Smith. (Also, call us when you want to talk Deus Ex).