LEGO Wii Zapper puts old blocks to good use

What better way to complement your LEGO-fied Wii than to build a LEGO-based Zapper holster for your Wiimote? mrklaw managed to do just that with a colorful assortment of old blocks, and yes, he even left an opening in the rear for the nunchuck. There's also a finely crafted trigger depressor that mashes in the B button underneath, but we've no idea how well this thing would hold together after hours of flailing around while trying to peg on-screen baddies. Nevertheless, it's a whole lot cheaper (provided you've got the parts, and c'mon, you've got the parts) than the alternatives out there, and it's a darn good excuse to bust out the bricks your SO made you lock away after your 28th birthday.

[Via NintendoWiiFanboy]