Tretton admits to 'missteps' in PS3's first year

With the PlayStation 3 having recently celebrated its first birthday, Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO Jack Tretton had a little discussion with MSNBC over what could kindly be called, "The Year of Issues." Tretton explained that the PS3 would be in a better place today if more units were available at launch, noting that demand was strong but tough to satisfy due to Blu-ray diode production problems. The hype of the launch also faded very quickly as Tretton became famous for making the delusional "$1200 quote" in February (without a lick of irony).

Although he believed the launch to be "the biggest disappointment for the last year," he drew attention to that old-faithful: the 10-year product lifecycle. Sony's had 10 good years with both the PS1, the PS2 is getting up there, and he expects nothing less with the PS3. With a price cut and some desirable titles out the door, things look to get better (with fewer "missteps") in year two.

[Via GameDaily]