Dell reveals XPS M1730 World of Warcraft edition

We're not exactly sure what kind of impression they'd make during a presentation or business meeting, but luckily for sales of Dell's upcoming World of Warcraft edition XPS M1730 laptop, most folks who would purchase such a product have long ago fled corporate America for the privacy and creepy ambiance of their basements. Seriously, though, the pair of special edition Horde and Alliance notebooks are a hardcore fan's dream come true, featuring WOW artwork all over the place along with all the current games and patches preloaded. What's more, the bonus swag here is off the hook, including a special box full of items related to the game and an envelope containing such goodies as beta tester privileges and a free in-game pet, whatever that means. Dell also claims that the minimum configuration specs have been bumped as compared to the plain Jane M1730, but like pricing for this package which goes on sale next week, specifics remain a mystery.

Update: As commenter Ryan points out, specs and pricing are now up on Dell's retail site. The good news is that even a barebones rig gives you a 2.2GHz T7500 Core 2 Duo, 2GB of DDR2, and 160GB of storage; the bad news is that such a configuration starts at $4,500 and only goes north.