Nikon D3 full frame DSLR unboxed

So it looks like the first lucky individuals have started receiving their Nikon D3s in the mail -- lucky not just because they're the proud new owner of a 12.1 megapixel full frame DSLR with 6400 ISO, 51-point autofocus, two CF slots, HDMI, and a 3-inch live view LCD, but lucky because, you know, they can afford to spend $5,000 on a camera. For those of us who can only aspire to possess such luxuries, there are always a bunch of nice unboxing shots to really help flesh out our weird gadget fantasies. You can check out another such pic after the break, before hitting the Read link for an entire D3 gallery including a few images of those new AF-S NIKKOR lenses...

[Thanks, Andrew]