FuelPod2 converts excess cooking oil into biodiesel

Engineering folks have long since been powering their automobiles with less than scrumptious liquids, but Green Fuels is hoping to make the usage of homegrown biodiesel entirely more common. The firm's FuelPod2 is aimed squarely at the domestic market and is capable of churning out 50-liters of fuel each day from waste cooking oil. Reportedly, the 140-centimeter high device utilizes external, thermostatically-controlled band heaters to pre-heat the oil, which ensures that the warming takes places prior to the addition of chemicals. Customers will also receive a "comprehensive operating manual" and can feel free to phone up a dedicated helpline in case of emergency, but truthfully, we'd expect nothing less from a system starting at £1,750 ($3,607).

[Via UberReview]