Barbie B2 touchscreen MP3 player in pink and bearskin

If you've ever wondered how Barbie will prey upon the insecurities of the future generation of robot-assimilated little girls -- this is it. Somewhere in that Planet of the Apes, dystopian fembot horde sits the touchscreen Barbie B2 MP3 player. Unfortunately, without any clues for scale, the device is either the size of a fingernail, or giant Barbies with even more preposterous breast-to-hips ratios are invading Korea as we speak. We'll guess something closer to the former (while secretly hoping for the latter).

Update: We found the site pushing the B2. Of course, the makeup case design comes with a mirror to remind your little princess that she'll never quite meet the corporate beauty standard. Picture after the break.

[Thanks, MadHat]