Dell, Motion Computing sued for patent infringement over touch panels

You don't have to look far outside of the Eastern District of Texas to find yourself a fresh patent infringement case, and sure enough, that's precisely where this one was filed. Getting dinged up today is none other than the Round Rock powerhouse and Motion Computing, both of which are being sued for so-called willful infringement on Typhoon Touch Technologies / Nova Mobility Systems touch panel patents. Apparently, the two defendants are being accused of profiting off of two particular patents without paying the plaintiffs their respective royalties, and the lawsuit is seeking to "enjoin Dell and Motion Computing from the continued violation of [the] patents" while also extracting a presumably hefty sum of cash. No specific products are blamed, but we're told that the patents cover technology used in tablet PCs, slate PCs, handheld PCs, UMPCs, PDAs and a host of other gear.