EchoStar now officially called DISH Network

EchoStar, the company that always should have been called DISH, is apparently now and finally going by the name of their flagship product, according to fairly momentus SEC filing. Officially re-dubbed DISH Network, the EchoStar name will live on in DISH's spun-off holding company, cleverly called the EchoStar Holding Company; EHC will operate as an independent business intended to be not at all owned by DISH (yet it will still remain under DISH CEO Charlie Ergen's executive command -- make sense out of that one), and will continue running the former EchoStar's non-satellite businesses, like Sling Media. What's it mean to you, the consumer? Well, DISH-related posts you read on Engadget will be all the less (and yet somehow more) confusing, but perhaps most importantly the new chunked companies are more susceptible to an acquisition or further split-ups, but are also more limber in the market. In other words, unless you're a shareholder, we're guessing none of this will probably mean a ton to you, your satellite service, your Slingbox, or much anything else for the time being.

[Via GigaOM]