Nyko's Wireless Nunchuck makes you that much less coordinated

Well, this was inevitable. And we suppose it's not a terrible thing in itself, some people really loathe that cord tying the Wiimote and Nunchuck together, especially in light of how minimalistic the Wii is in most other regards. We, on the other hand, appreciate the defence the tether provides against injuring our house guests any more than necessary with our crazed arm flailings. Who knows if Nintendo will ever get around to releasing a wireless version of the Nunchuck, but Nyko's going to make a buck here either way with its Wireless Nunchuck setup, which is headed for CES next month. There's a 2.4GHz receiver module that has to be plugged into the Wiimote, but the Nunchuck itself is pretty much a virtual clone of Nintendo's -- which is appreciated. No word on price or a release date just yet.