The vibrating Bluetooth bracelet

When time comes grinding to a halt, and some Cthulhu, alien, or robotic variety of overlords stand in judgment of all that has gone down on planet Earth, we suspect the vibrating Bluetooth bracelet will rank pretty low on their list... just beneath politicians from the early 21st century and cutting someone off on the freeway. At any rate, if you can't stand walking around in public "hands free" with that pesky Bluetooth headset sticking out of your ear-hole, perhaps this is the device for you. Instead of brazenly assuming you want to be shackled to a phone conversation 24/7, the bracelet subtly buzzes your wrist to let you know that you've got an incoming call, text message, or email. A three-hour charge will garner you 100 hours of use, and the bracelet is compatible with Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 -- so if it doesn't work with your phone, it just wasn't meant to be. Available right now for the shockingly low price of £23.50 (or about $48).

[Via Techie Diva]