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ROCCAT intros new line of gaming peripherals

ROCCAT may not be quite as well known as some gaming-centric peripheral makers, but it looks like its doing its best to make its mark with a new line of peripherals, including a gaming mouse and keyboard. Dubbed the ROCCAT Kone, the mouse looks to sport all the features an excessively-demanding gamer would expect, including no less than ten buttons, four removable weights, and a customizable light system with "thousands of colors." While you apparently won't get quite as many color options with the ROCCAT Valo keyboard (pictured after the break), you will still at least get illuminated keys (including 41 macro keys), along with 2MB of memory for storing up to five profiles, and even an integrated noise-canceling microphone. Look for it and the mouse to set you back €100 and €70 (or $147 and $103), respectively, when they hit Europe in February, with a matching mousepad also available for €20 (or about $30).

[Via Randomly Accessed, thanks Steve]