Samsung readying YS-MC1 dock for YP-P2?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.10.07

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Samsung readying YS-MC1 dock for YP-P2?
Chalk this one up as a yet-to-be substantiated rumor, but based on an interesting video clip surfacing on YouTube (we know...), Samsung's YP-P2 could be getting a swank new peripheral. The YS-MC1 cradle would apparently snap onto the bottom of the already svelte P2 and add 802.11g WiFi, an FM transmitter, microSD expansion slot and a built-in mono speaker. 'Course, we realize just how fake the concepts on the video look, but it's not like Samsung hasn't doled out specialized docks for its DAPs in the past. And hey, we're all still wondering what may go along with the multiple waves of firmware updates slated to land next year. Click on through to see the video yourself.

[Via DAPReview, thanks KC Kim]

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