Gold looks without gold prices: Sagem's my220x

Squint a little, and you might think this is a two or three hundred dollar handset. Then you unsquint, see the Sagem logo, and say, "ahh, nevermind." No offense to Sagem, either; we think they make some decent looking phones -- not that we'd really know how they work here in the US -- but let's be honest, their specialty lies on the low end of the spectrum. The my220x candybar was released a few weeks back across the pond and appears to be making quite a splash on account of its tastefully applied gold accents and exceptionally low price. It's being sold for £14.99 (about $30) or less in retail outlets -- an aggressive price, yes, but without even a VGA camera to its name, just be forewarned that the gold trim is the fanciest feature of this simple candybar.

[Via Slashphone and Mobilewhack]