NBC Universal shacks up with SanDisk, video content now on Fanfare

NBC might have removed its content from iTunes, but the company is still determined to sell media online, and it's announced a partnership with SanDisk to deliver shows on the Fanfare service. Starting in January, the "beta" portal will offer all the usual NBC suspects like The Office, Heroes, and 30 Rock, as well as shows from USA, SciFi and Bravo. As you'd expect, content will be hardcore DRMed to SanDisk's TakeTV players, which is disappointing, but NBC and SanDisk have said they'll collaborate on new "consumer content acquisition models," whatever those might be. All in all, it's a pretty big win for SanDisk, but it still seems like NBC is looking over its shoulder to see if Apple's watching -- the press release mentions flexible pricing and packaging rather directly. It's okay, guys -- everyone needs a rebound.