Sega Toys, NeuroSky team up for "mind-controlled" toys

Details are still light on this one, but Sega Toys (makers of freaky robots) and the brain-reading folks at NeuroSky have announced that they've teamed up in an effort to develop what they're only describing as "mind-controlled tech toys," which they say will "take 'play' to the next level." Those unspecified toys will apparently make use of NeuroSky's ThinkGear bio-sensor technology which, according to the company, uses "dry active sensors" that eliminate the need for contact gels while also maintaining a small form factor. Given the vagaries of the announcement, however, we wouldn't expect the toys to be hitting store shelves anytime soon, but you can be sure that there'll be plenty of attempts to "repurpose" them whenever they do.

[Via Gadget Lab]