Toshiba planning to undercut Blu-ray, snip MSRP of HD DVD titles

In case you haven't had enough of the coaxing carousel, a recent writeup by David Kaplan lays out Toshiba's plan to hack a few dollars off of the MSRP of HD DVD titles, presumably in an attempt to persuade Warner to not go Blu-ray-only. Reportedly, the outfit is getting set to lower the retail price of each disc to $31.74, which is currently around $2.00 less than Blu-ray's suggested price. 'Course, it remains to be seen what difference such a minor change will actually make -- after all, when is the last time you were forced to pay retail for an HD DVD / Blu-ray disc? That being said, we certainly won't complain if Tosh wants to start up a price war.

[Image courtesy of BigPictureBigSound]