Dell Latitude XT tablet will have multi-touch, just not for a while

If you're at all like us, you spent a little time scratching your head after the Latitude XT's launch wondering just what Michael Dell really meant when he mentioned the convertible having multi-touch. Sure, he talked up the laptop's myriad capabilities when he showed the XT at OpenWorld, but multi-touch was suspiciously absent from the official launch details, so we gave Dell a buzz and got this juicy tidbit: yes, XT buyers now (and in the future) will all have laptops capable of multi-touch input, thanks to that capacitive touchscreen, but the software and/or drivers needed to enable it won't be released "until a later date." We have no idea what that date is -- or if that date is even in 2008 -- but there you have it, among the first would-be multi-touch tablet laptops is officially the among the first will-be multi-touch tablet laptops.

P.S. -To tide you over, we've got a total snooze-fest of a product demo video after the break. Capacitive touch was never so... boring.