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Thieves hijack truck carrying Rock Band, steal 1,000 boxes

While we understand that people will do anything to become rock stars, we don't really think stealing 1,000 copies of Rock Band is the way to do it -- fame atop the Xbox Live and PSN leaderboards is so fleeting to begin with. Regardless, it looks like a pair of thieves was desperate enough to hijack a truck full of Harmonix and EA's hot new party game in LA last night, hold the driver at gunpoint, unload the gear and make off with the goods. Police think it was an inside job, since the truck was unmarked and the driver picked up his cargo late Saturday night -- meaning the thieves must have known the truck was worth jacking, and already have had a place to unload the less-than-compact boxes. No leads yet, but looks like gamers in LA wanting to rock out this holiday season are going to have to start shopping out the back of shady vans, eh?

[Via Joystiq; read link requires free registration]