Wii shortages leave $1.3B on the table this holiday season

If you read our comments or those from any gamer forum you're bound to stumble upon this flaming Wii, discussion nugget:

WiiGuy: The Wii rocks, Nintendo can't produce enough!
H8r: They're artificially limiting supply to drive up demand
WiiGuy: No they're not
H8r: You're a fanboi
WiiGuy: No you are!

Last month, Reg himself lamented, "A shortage benefits no one, we're disappointed. This was all about how we didn't accurately estimate demand." Indeed, Reggie. According to analysts, Nintendo is leaving about $1.3 billion on the table during this holiday season alone. A figure which doesn't include additional losses from game sales. Of course, this comes as a delight to Microsoft and Sony who are there to pick up the slack.

[Via I4U]