Windows Mobile: more of what's going on in the next two versions

Publicly disclosable details about the future of Windows Mobile are still sparse, but we can let the door open a bit wider on what was shown at this year's Mobius with regard to the next two versions of Windows Mobile. We all know that 6.1 is around the corner, but it's the next two versions beyond that which are really interesting. Post-6.1, WinMo will indeed have its app suite revamped, including a desktop-grade port of IE to Windows Mobile, which Microsoft is replacing pocket IE with and directly targeting mobile Safari. Likewise, the rest of the consumer-centric apps (photos, media, etc.) as well as the messaging suite will be upgraded to be a bit friendlier. This whole experience won't be too foreign to long-time users, but is the next step in the right direction.

But it's really the Windows Mobile that's two versions out that's the game-changer. Significantly redeveloped, this WinMo will focus on an upgraded user experience with massive changes made to ease of use, as well as new features like global search and data correlation, meaning the device would, for example, know who you're talking to and give you instant access to email from only that person, or maybe a map with that pinpoints their address. Fingers crossed they'll execute on this stuff -- Microsoft's a big company with lots of wonderful ideas that seem to fall out of the truck on the way to the store.