Toshiba's Portege G910 / G920 go FCC: followup to the G900 superphone

Probably because it's not that big of a player in the domestic cellphone space, Toshiba may not be familiar with all the ins and outs of FCC confidentiality agreements, as evidenced by its testing subcontractor leaving tons of juicy photos of the unannounced Portege G910 / G920 smartphones in those devices' recently-declassified applications. Tosh's blunder clues us in to a whole world of info about this followup to the WVGA, Windows Mobile 6 Portege G900, such as the fact that it's eschewing its predecessor's sliding form factor for the clamshell-design of the Nokia E90 (perhaps an answer to the tilting screen of HTC's TyTN II?). While full specs aren't yet available, we've pieced together that these devices (differentiated by the fact that one of them will have a crippled GPS receiver) are tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900 -- sorry, fellow Americans, no US broadband here -- with WiFi, Bluetooth, and dual cameras, and powered by a Qualcomm processor of unknown speed. Hit up the gallery below for a few more inelegant FCC glamour shots, including some dissection photos that may help our clever readers glean even more information...


[Via Unwired View]